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[Homemade recipes for cold bean curd]_ cold bean curd _ how to make _ how to make

[Homemade recipes for cold bean curd]_ cold bean curd _ how to make _ how to make

In summer, the weather is hot, many friends do n’t like to eat some stir-fried vegetables, and even eat some cold dishes, you can even enjoy the delicious, and also can achieve a cooling effect.

As a appetizer of many families, cold bean curd has won the praise of many friends.

It is recommended to mix the bean curd with a layer of yellow sauce for excellent taste.

The delicious cold beans are the best choice for summer.

Method one: 1. Choose the alternative, tender, the smaller the seed, the softer the bean.

Beans cleaning method: remove the tendons on both ends, and then break into half the length of the middle finger.

2. The trick of using boiling water to amaranth is to put a drop of oil in the water and a small spoonful of salt, which can make the beans more green and particularly bright.

After the water has boiled, stir-fry the bean curd for two to three minutes to remove the beany smell (if it is fried, you can add a little sugar or cooking wine to remove the beany smell).

Water is easy, fire is fierce, don’t be stuffy in the pot after being cooked, the color will be yellow after being stuffy for a long time.

Then remove the dried beans and drain them into the cold water prepared quickly.

(The iced water is better. The dishes cooked in western food must be immersed in iced water, which can make the beans more crispy and greener.) Put the beans in a plate, knock and peel the garlic and mince into garlic.

4. Burn some oil in a hot pot and add a few peppercorns to make peppercorn oil.

Remove the peppercorns and pour the oil into the beans.

Add salt, sugar, garlic, vinegar, chicken essence, sesame oil and mix well. A crispy and refreshing side dish is ready.

If you have cooked sesame seeds, you can sprinkle them on.

Method two: Material: Bean beans, hemp sauce, garlic, vinegar, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, sesame oil. Method: 1. Wash the pea beans, cut into sections (one finger length) and set aside.Add the seasoning at once, pay attention to add more sugar and vinegar!

3, boil water, boil the beans after boiling, remove it when it turns dark green, and pour the prepared hemp sauce on it after cooling. Note: The hemp sauce prepared in this way is also suitable for taking cucumber and water radish.