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[Can you eat fungus in the third trimester?]

[Can you eat fungus in the third trimester?

]_ Late pregnancy_ can you eat

A fungus belonging to the fungus, both wild and artificial, can be eaten cold or cooked.

And it has relatively rich nutritional value, so it is welcomed by people.

And everyone knows that women exist after pregnancy, and diet taboos are a very important part. Can pregnant women eat fungus in the third trimester?

Let’s introduce it below.

Pregnant women can eat black fungus, but should pay attention to the amount of consumption, pregnant women should not eat more.

Black fungus contains vitamins B1, B2, carotene, niacin and other nutrients. Among them, black fungus has a very high iron content, at the same time has the effect of replenishing blood during pregnancy, and can also enhance the pregnant woman’s own immunity.

For pregnant women injected with ureteral stones, they can eat a little more black fungus.

Black fungus can reduce blood, reduce blood viscosity, and has the effect of dissolving and excreting stones.

Reasons that pregnant women should not eat more black fungus: 1. Black fungus has the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, which is not conducive to overcome the stability and growth. Pregnant women who consume too much black fungus may cause diarrhea, and diarrhea may cause miscarriage.

2. Black fungus has the function of preventing blood clot from clotting, and its blood-blowing effect is relatively strong. Pregnant women eat too much black fungus, once bleeding occurs, it is difficult to stop bleeding, which is likely to cause danger.

Therefore, it is generally not recommended for pregnant women in the first trimester to consume black fungus.

But this is not absolute, it needs to be judged according to the physical quality of the individual.

Although it is not appropriate for pregnant women to eat more black fungus, mastering the amount of food can still promote the health of the body. Pregnant women should not eat more than 10 grams of black fungus each time in their usual diet, and it is best not to eat it continuously.Absorption, can avoid consuming too much to harm the health of the body.